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All About The Glass Mosaic Art

All About The Glass Mosaic Art

Art of mosaics made from glass has been used for many thousands of years, dating all the way back to Ancient Egypt, in the beginning, it was utilized in tombs and palaces. The Egyptians were first to recognize the many uses of glass and later learned to utilize it not just for ornaments on their jewelry but also to embellish their vessels. 

As time passed the art of glass mosaics became an extremely popular industry. It has been practiced for centuries and continues to be employed in the present. Making mosaics of glass wall art is much easier than you think. There are a few things you need including glass in various shades, a pattern, glass cutter, and pliers. These tools are readily available and likely cost less than $50.

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You can make your own patterns, buy them from stores selling hobby items or download them at no cost on a variety of websites. The possibilities for pattern concepts are unlimited and range from floral and geometric design to abstract art.

Although many specialty stores and websites offer mosaic glass, it's not necessary to purchase a brand new glass or a specific type of glass. All kinds of glass can be useful, even the glass dishes you have in your cabinet or in thrift shops or yard sales.

Tools While a variety of glass cutters are sold in specialist shops, this device and other tools are available at the hardware retailer.