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All About Women’s Swimwear

All About Women’s Swimwear

The word "swimsuit" can conjure images of elderly aunts in mothball-smelling one piece of clothing that lacks proper chest support. The word "bikini" however, brings to mind the images of all those slenderly dressed models, sporting illustrations. You can buy the bikini suits online via

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Most likely, you're not even aware of what they actually wore while the loud and obnoxious floral pattern of Aunt Edna's old suit is etched into your mind.

Because of these two different images, the one-piece swimming suit has been put in the same class as the old-fashioned granny suits. This isn't fair. For all, we know the string bikini can be equally horrible if your Aunt Edna had worn it, wrinkles and all. 

If you had to choose between two bikinis, a burkini or a micro thong bikini majority of people would be more likely to wear the full coverage of the micro thong and is an excellent example of slimming swimming. In reality, it isn't about what you wear however, it's the way you style it.

If you walk from the room standing with your arms crossed in front of your head, slouched down in an embarrassing apology to everyone, the world will be demanding an apology. It's true that no one is attractive when they are folded in their arms and moving around like a terrifying mouse in the midst of a space filled with hungry cats.