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Best Hydraulic Press Safety

Best Hydraulic Press Safety

Operators of hydraulic presses have a very important position, as they are responsible for loading and unloading material to/from the machine, and more importantly they must have proper knowledge and extensive training of how to correctly align the piece.

Ongoing and updated training, as well as regular professional inspections are important for all hydraulic press operators to comply with, as it will ensure that all equipment is safe, running properly, and that all operators are educated on the latest technology, and have a working knowledge of how to handle and repair minor machine breakdowns.You can also get the best hydraulic press repair service in Ontario.

Because of the amount of operator involvement there is in running and maintaining a hydraulic press, safety measures are critical for personnel that directly operate this very versatile and valuable piece of equipment, which is capable of delicate forging or making of large pieces of aircraft.

To begin, all hydraulic press operators should wear gloves when they load the feeders, as this will protect them from being cut by sharp edges on the material.

Material needs to be loaded carefully, and the operator should maintain a safe distance during the loading process to avoid bodily injury. In addition, safety eyewear must also be worn by hydraulic press operators.

The "stop" switch must be located and be easily accessible, in case of an emergency. Before reaching inside the machine, it should be powered down. Upon restarting, the hydraulic press system should be activated before the air and electric components are turned on.

Other safety guidelines to follow include:

A large, clean work area is vital for the operator's safety, as exposed wires, tight spaces and loose pulleys all pose a safety hazard to machine workers. The work area should be organized, spacious and well lit.

Floors around the machine should be kept debris-free and dry. Any and all oil spills should be cleaned up immediately to avoid accidents.

Safety guards should be installed, as these will not only protect operators, but it also ensures that everything is securely in place, before and during the machining process. One of the main reasons to have a safety guard installed is to provide a visible barrier between the machine and operator, which reduces potential accidents related to loading and unloading a hydraulic press. This is especially helpful for machines that are motion activated.