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Buy Your Own Portable Water Filter

Buy Your Own Portable Water Filter

Making your own portable water filter is highly useful for if you plan on going somewhere where there may not be clean tap water available. Now, not everyone owns a manufactured water filter, and not everyone gets around to buying one even if they are going to be in places where tap water isn't completely safe.

Fortunately, there is a very easy solution to make your own portable water filter that you can carry. It can also be made on-the-fly, as long as you have some items needed for you to make it. The Crazy Cap provide you the best portable water filter, you can also buy this via online.

The only item you really need to make your own portable water filter filter, a few bottle of empty water / soda, and water purification tablets. As you might know, the coffee filter and blank bottle are easily obtained, and you might be happy to hear that purification tablets too.

The first thing to do is fill in one bottle of your empty water with the tap water that you will filter. Blank standard soda bottle will be fine. Has a second bottle ready, with the same size or bigger.

Next, use one coffee filter at the opening of the second bottle. Pour water from the first bottle into the second bottle will stop the bit of dirt pass, although many smaller organisms can still pass the filter. It is recommended that you use a tight rubber band to secure filters safely.