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Can the iPad Replace Traditional Computers?

Can the iPad Replace Traditional Computers?

According to Jobs, traditional terminals, including laptops and PCs, will no longer dominate, even if they don't disappear. Tablets and smartphones are the most widely used in private terminals. You can get the most amazing tablets in bulk from iPad Distributors.

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However, if we take into account the characteristics of tablets and smartphones, they cannot be the main terminals. First, let's take a look at the advantages of both terminals which made Jobs quite confident

What are the advantages of tablets and smartphones compared to conventional terminals?

Portability comes first, as is the MP3 player with sunglasses for the shared MP3 player. People can access the Internet anytime, anywhere through one of these elements. It is superior to laptops and netbooks. Now, most of the tablets come with a multi-touch screen which is much more pleasant for the user.

We have to start with the open confirmation that smartphones are not the main strength of the emerging terminal. It is limited to cellular communication due to limited screens. The tablets presented by the iPad are very competitive.

Can tablets replace conventional terminals?

Like a tablet, the iPad was originally a terminal between a netbook and a smartphone. It can provide users with better online experience and relaxation. What's critical to its success is that it fills the gaps left by traditional portable and smart terminals. It meets the needs of some users and is sufficient to replace traditional terminals.