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Importance Of Telomere Testing

Importance Of Telomere Testing

Telomere Tests help to determine the length of a patient's telomeres in relation to the patient's age. As a cell age, its telomeres become shorter.  Telomeres are made of repetitive sequences of non-coding DNA that protect the chromosome from damage.

Eventually, the telomeres become too short to allow cell replication, the cell stops dividing and will ultimately die which is a normal biological process. You can visit for the best and efficient telomere testing.

Testing should be done once per year to evaluate the rate and direction of telomere changes and make adjustments in nutrition, nutritional supplements, weight management, exercise, and other lifestyle modifications known to influence telomere length.

The Telomere Score of the patient is calculated based on the patient’s average telomere length in peripheral whole blood cells. This average is then compared to telomere lengths from a population sample in the same age range as the patient to determine the patient’s percentile score.  

Most of us think of age as merely a number, but our cells tell a different story. You can discover your body’s own unique aging process at the most fundamental level through telomere testing, and what you can do to ensure you protect and preserve your health.