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Know More About Middle School In Amsterdam

Know More About Middle School In Amsterdam

Teachers and parents can greatly enhance student learning at the age of 11-15 years by understanding students' cognitive and social characteristics.

Using the right learning strategies to maximize the value of learning and overcoming student learning challenges can change everything about their success. Here are some of the school's important aspects that you should look into to know the importance of Middle-level Education in Amsterdam.

 Cognitive Development in Secondary Schools

 At the ages of 12, 13, and 14 years, most students begin to develop their ability to understand symbolic ideas and abstract concepts. According to the Piaget classification, students progress from the specific operational stage of development to the official operational stage capability.

In fact, research shows that brain growth slows down during these years so that students' cognitive skills can develop more slowly. However, improving these skills can certainly be improved. In general, most students will have the following characteristics:

1. Are curious and want to learn what they find useful

2. Enjoy solving problems in real life

3. Focus on yourself and how you are perceived by your peers

4. Contrary to adult authority and demands freedom

5. Start thinking critically

 Social Development in Secondary Schools

Most students experience conflicting values because of changing roles in their family structure and the increasing influence of friends. They need to feel part of a peer group consisting of boys and girls who are affected by peer pressure and group compliance

They prefer active to passive learning activities which involve working with their peers.