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Quick Guide to Boost Your Timber Sales and Income

Quick Guide to Boost Your Timber Sales and Income

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If you own some uninhabited land, you can convert it into money making machine in many ways. Among all the options available, timber business is an eco-friendly approach without leaving a carbon footprint on your name. However, many people fail to make the most of such opportunities due to a lack of proper knowledge. So, here, you will learn about the how’s of selling timber and making a good fortune.

Find a Forestry Expert

If you are ignoring hiring a forester, you might be losing out on the best deals out there. The professional’s job is to pick the best timber, get the highest selling price through marketing, and ensure proper care of the woodland. However, you can choose from public or private foresters. The public ones are government persons who will help you with better land management but won’t offer much advice. The private ones, on the other hand, will charge more but get you the best value for your timber.

Get a Forest Management Plan

Besides a forester, you can also use a forest management plan for better woodland management. It’s devised to help you harvest the best timber through rework on neglected/degraded areas, wildlife habitat and hiking trails creation, recreational area development, and enhancing tree health.

Know Your Product and Sell

A forester helps mark trees based on their health and when you should harvest them. Thus, based on quality, length, diameter, and species, you can market your product at the best price in the market.

However, if you are planning to start with the business, it is recommended to get a PNF plan devised and approved for a private native forest.