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AAV Expression, Purification and Transfection: What Is It?

This article discusses the basic concepts of AAV. It covers what it is, how it's made, where it can be used and some of the benefits that AAV has. There is even a section on where to buy AAV plasmids, which are pre-packaged with the correct AAV expression system already added.

AAV expression system is a gene delivery vector that uses the naturally occurring adeno-associated virus type 2 (AAV2) as its payload. This vector can be used to transfer genetic information into target cells with high efficiency and little risk of gene expression or toxicity.

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The use of AAV for gene delivery has been growing in recent years due to its effectiveness and low risk of toxicity. In this blog post, we will explore what AAV is, how it is used, and some of the key considerations when using this vector for gene expression or transfection. For simplicity, this blog post will focus on AAV2 as the vector used for most experiments in neuroscience.Anecdotal evidence suggests that AAV is an effective vector for gene delivery and transfection. However, conclusive evidence was lacking until the late 80s when the ability to introduce a fluorescent marker into cells was demonstrated by Gomella et al. 

These authors showed that injection of the AAV2 capsid protein resulted in fluorescent signals being detected in rat brain tissue within one day. Thus, it became clear that capsid proteins were able to carry genetic information into cells and therefore could be used as vectors for delivering genes.As mentioned above, mRNA delivery using AAV has been demonstrated.