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Ways To Swamp Your Salon Or Spa Website With Perfect Visitors

Internet marketing for salons and spas is becoming increasingly important and possible. Gone are the days when visitors could only be made across the country. Now you can easily attract these types of visitors to your salon or spa website.

Here are just simple and convenient ways to do this. 


Write a short, informative article about how you and your salon or spa can solve other people's problems and help you look great and even feel better. Submit to the best article directories such as ezine articles, article bases, go articles, sooper articles, and so on. You can also take help from your beauty salon mentor who has extensive knowledge to write an effective salon-based article.

How Much Time and Money Should Your Salon Invest in Internet Marketing?

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Press Release:

YES! Press releases are great for generating traffic online and if you know what you are doing, advertising is very free offline as well. Submit to the top press distribution pages.

Pay per click advertising:

There's no faster way to get a ready-made package of targeted traffic to your salon or spa website than paying with a click. The only downside is it costs money. Also, you must know what you are doing or you will free up a lot of money.


Sounds a little technical. You basically take an audio recording of your topic and post it to iTunes and others, people find it, listen to it, trust you, and go to your salon website. For a local spa, this might get a little overkill, but if you want to build a national or international business, this is genius.