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Blackstar Carry On

What Is A Blackstar Carry On Guitar?

A Blackstar Carry-On Guitar is a guitar made by Blackstar. The guitar was designed by Trey Spruance and it was released in 2016. It is a 24-7 hollow body electric guitar with a single cutaway design. The guitar has two humbucking pickups and a fixed bridge.

The guitar also has a black finish and maple neck. The Blackstar Carry On Guitar has been praised for its build quality and tone. You can also check this link right now to purchase a Blackstar Carry-On Guitar.

Types of Pickups

There are many different types of pickups used on guitars. Some of the most common pickups are single coil, humbucker, and 2-coil. Single coils are the most common type of pickup, and they produce a bright sound. 

Best Uses for Blackstar Carry-On Guitar

If you're looking for a guitar that can take up less space in your luggage, the Blackstar Carry-On is a great option. This guitar is small enough to fit in most carry-on luggage, and it's perfect for when you want to take your music with you on vacation. Here are some best uses for the Blackstar Carry On: 

1. Practice at home before a performance. The Blackstar Carry On is small enough to take with you wherever you go, so you can practice wherever you are.   

2. Use it as a backup guitar. If your main guitar gets damaged or lost, the Blackstar Carry On is a great option for practicing and performing live without having to lug around an extra guitar. 

3. Take it on road trips. If you're looking for an instrument that you can take on road trips without having to worry about it getting damaged, the Blackstar Carry On is perfect.