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business strategist

An Experienced Business Strategist

The engineer may never have taken business courses in school and may not have experience in business leadership. In addition, engineers are trained to think logically and linearly. You rarely go to step two until step one is complete. You're also uncomfortable with the unknown. Every question has an answer and the answer must meet all challenges.

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As a result, they can be disadvantaged when they face business problems.

All business, including engineering and technical businesses, is conducted among people, and people are not necessarily logical or completely open. And business is not a linear activity – many things have to happen at the same time. Management is also impatient to wait for answers to defensible questions. Deadlines often force management to make decisions. Ask the most successful CEOs and they'll say that one of the hardest things they have to learn as their responsibilities increase is how to make better and better decisions with less and less information.

When engineers start a technical company, they are advised by an attorney about the content of various legal structures, intellectual property protection, and accountants to consult and perhaps check the financial reporting system and submit the necessary reports. When business inquiries arise, engineers/owners and managers often turn to these professionals for advice first.

What are the results?

Both professionals, lawyers, and accountants are trained in specific disciplines. They are not experienced, business people. They are specialists; They see things from their perspective like:

– Risk minimization,

– The only answer the questions asked,

– Use what you did in the past

– Focus on customers, not on the competition, industry, market or economy.

– Think about your own potential responsibilities.