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dry needling physical therapy

Know About Dry Needling Practitioners In Detail

More and more people now see the use of different complementary medical techniques to reduce pain in the body. It is also the principle of work behind massage and other relaxing approaches that will help your muscles and your whole body released from stress and tension. 

This is not a common medical approach, except when dubbed as physical therapy, in this case, it becomes a necessity to allow recovery of your muscle function. Dry needling is a known alternative technique that is generally regarded as the western version of Chinese acupuncture. From the term itself, this procedure uses a needle. 

This is done mostly to relieve pain and muscle tension. You can get treatment through sterile needling physical therapy as this procedure is focusing on the trigger points of your pain to provide relief at a much faster rate than the Eastern alternative.


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In a growing debate about greedy functions and effectiveness, there are still more practitioners who use the technique to provide a more holistic approach to healing. Physical therapists are known to use dry needles in their approach.

When you undergo physical therapy, you will be assisted in overcoming or correcting imbalances in your muscle and posture function. 

Your joints and other body parts are also compromised. This is why using dry needles, patient bodies are considered useful in ensuring that the patient will undergo a procedure without hesitation.

Chiropractors also utilize dry needles. The Chiropractic education curriculum often includes dry needles to better understand the functions and benefits of approaches to physiological and biomechanical aspects.