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Frappe Base Powder For A Creamier Coffee Recipe

Frappe Base is a powder that has a taste and texture that mimics an ice cream but when blended with milk, it produces a creamy result. This powder is made for those who love coffee but can't stand the bitterness of instant coffee. To make yummy ice cream, you can also buy plant-based frappe with art of blend through Brullen.

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What is Frappe Base Powder?

Frappe Base Powder is a powder that is used to create a creamier coffee recipe. It is made from coffee and milk, and it can be used in place of regular milk or cream in coffee recipes. Frappe Base Powder can also be used to add a sweet flavor to coffee recipes.

Different Types of Frappe Base Powders: 

Powdered sugar is the most common frappe base powder. It has a sweet, syrupy taste and is great for making classic frappes like strawberry or vanilla.

A type of sugar known as dextrose is also a popular frappe base powder. It has a slightly different flavor than powdered sugar and adds body and thickness to your drink.

Flavored frappe bases like hazelnut or chocolate can be used to add additional flavor to your coffee. These powders are often more expensive than powdered sugar, but they are worth it because they provide intense flavors that will really stand out in your drink. 

If you want to create a special frappe recipe, you can use a frappe base powder made from espresso or coffee grounds. These powders give your drink a strong flavor and will enhance the caffeine content of your coffee.