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LED light for living room

Choosing the Right Brightness for Your LED Strip Lights

Choosing an LED strip light that is neither too bright nor too dim is one of the first pitfalls that presents itself to our customers. We could be technical if we wanted to and start citing the lumen output (quantifiable brightness) of each of our strip lights, but this is prone to cause more confusion than necessary.

Instead, our best-led strip light clips can be divided into three main categories according to their utility. These are low gloss, medium gloss, and high gloss. Knowing what you need will prevent you from being left in the dark or unnecessarily blinded.

Low-brightness LED light strips are primarily designed for decorative purposes and will deliver enough light to illuminate a small enclosed area or add definition to a room. Typical applications include the inside of cabinets and the bottom of shelves. An example of this type of strip is the 60 LED 3528, which provides 400 lumens per meter.

Medium brightness LED light strips to offer a greater amount of light, and while they can still be used in a decorative capacity, they also provide enough lighting to serve as a work light. One of the most popular uses for this type of light is under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen, where it provides enough light to illuminate countertops. An example of this type of strip would be the 30 LED 5050, which gives 510 lumens per meter, or the 120 LED 3528, which gives 800 lumens per meter.

High brightness LED light strips to provide a large amount of light for its relatively small size. This makes them suitable for many commercial applications or situations where lights must remain visible in the presence of a background environment.