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LG Chem Lithium Ion Batteries

Power Tool Batteries – Important Information about Them

The power tool battery determines the performance of your wireless tool. Battery voltage is important, but not the only factor to consider when purchasing a wireless power tool for your household. Amplifier capacity / hour should also be checked prior to selection. The cost of a battery is the capital cost of any power tool.

These rechargeable batteries have cells with a voltage of 1.2 V, 1.5 V or 3.6 V. Batteries with a voltage of 3.6 V to 12 V are used in light equipment, and batteries with high loads require 14.4 V up to 36 V. You can also buy LG li ion battery via

Power tool batteries must be used regularly to ensure trouble-free operation. Many small batteries together form a battery. It is an electric current measured by voltage, while its duration is determined by ampere-hours. They are also available in three versions for power tools

1. Lithium ion, also known as Li-ion

2. Nickel-Cadmium, also known as Ni-Cad and

3. Nickel metal hydride, also known as Ni-MH.

The lithium ion has a charge life of more than 1,200, while the nickel-cadmium ion lasts 400 charge cycles and must then be replaced. Nickel metal hydride can withstand more than 400 charges.

If the battery of the power tool is charged, its service life will be shortened. Often times we forget to turn off the battery, which sometimes needs to be charged overnight. The heat generated will damage the battery. Not only does it damage your battery, it also loses energy and you run the risk of causing a fire.