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What were the toning shoes?

Toning or unstable footwear were all the fad a while back. The makers of these footwear used to make remarkable promises for the shoe. These promises varied from helping weight loss to getting rid of cellulite to sculpting the butt to curing sore backs. The shoes had a rocker on the bottom geared towards increasing muscle activity to get those supposed benefits. Unfortunately, the science failed to back the alleged benefits and there was a great deal of litigation from disgruntled customers and several companies were required to negotiate multi-million dollar settlements with the Ftc.

Whilst all of that is in the past you can find some of these types of footwear available and they still do have some support from those people who are familiar with them. The footwear do alter the way that you move and then for some individuals that may potentially result in an improvement in some things like low back pain. Equally, it could make some people with low back pain feel more painful. There is a lot of effort being geared towards studying precisely what the footwear actually do and precisely who will benefit from them and who may potentially be harmed by them. Each person will likely react differently the shoe.

Podiatrists appear to especially like these sorts of toning shoes due to the type of patients that they see. The rocker sole nature of the shoe means they are particularly great for those with a painful big toe joint, as with these shoes the joint does not have to move as much. However, while that could be useful for that joint it will put more force on the ankle joint so could possibly create or make worse problems at the ankle joint. It was issues like this that led to the legal issues previously and need to be taken into consideration by anyone advising or using these shoes. They do have their uses and they can be helpful for the right people with the right problem.