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Surplus Tents

Finding The Best Surplus Tents

Your personal preferences determine the size of your tents for camping. It is crucial to determine the height requirements prior to deciding which size to purchase, as this will decide whether you are able to stand, kneel, or sit in your tent. 

If you have to stand up in your tent, it is recommended to buy a tent with a minimum height of 7. Some prefer to be close and warm and will require the use of a smaller tent. But, it's a good idea to buy a larger tent than the size you anticipate.

Camping tents are labeled as 2-person or 3-person, and so on. A 2-person tent will accommodate two persons sleeping side-by-side that do not permit the addition of mattresses or equipment.  If you are looking for a supplier of army tent, you can search via an online source.

Buy Surplus Tents

If you're a person who requires more space and also requires space for your equipment it is recommended to increase the number of people sleeping in the tent by 2 to 4, thereby giving you more space.

A-Frame tents are freestanding, light easy to build, and have adequate air circulation. They typically are small and can sleep between two and three people, however, they are not well-used for floor space.

The guy ropes keep the tent up during rainy days. The tents are typically big and spacious however they are heavier to carry around and are difficult to install. The ridged frame tents provide the space needed for equipment for sports and are typically utilized by families of larger sizes during longer camping journeys.