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talent development webinars

Talent Management Trends And Leading Edge Practices Webinar

A recent survey revealed that talent management has been the number one business area where CEOs anticipate the most change. Although you may be initially excited about these higher expectations, then you must ask yourself if you're ready to create significant improvements in the results generated by your talent management function.

As part of your planning for the future, a first step is to identify the trends in talent management. This talent development webinar is intended to supply you with both the trends and the most exciting and compelling top edge practices.  If you’re looking for more information about talent development webinars you can see here now.


talent development webinars

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Talent management functions and practices that will be dealt with during the training include advancement, retention, workforce planning, leadership, talent acquisition,  and performance management. 

Some of those arousing topics under these functions that are going to be covered include accelerated leadership development, virtual job rotations, raising learning speed, casual learning, and the use of social media in learning, recruitment, and best practice sharing. 

The training will cover the best practices of powerhouse companies like Google,  Apple, and Facebook that have taken a unique approach to talent management.

Areas Covered at the Session

-A brief introduction to What's talent management.

-Understanding the upcoming changes in work and the workforce.

-The forthcoming Talent Management tendencies that you need to prepare for.