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thumb sucking stop

Mavala Stop: Effective Way To Stop Thumb Sucking

If you are desperate to help your child stop sucking their thumbs and you do not think they were able to put an end to itself, then I highly recommend using Mavala stop nail polish. To know more about masala stop visit

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This is mostly recommended by doctors to break the habit of thumb sucking. You just need to apply this nail polish on the thumb or finger that your kid mostly put in his/her mouth.

Curious what it feels like?

Because I want to know what my child has, I applied my thumbnail to see for themselves what it was like. It was offensive! It was spicy at the same time. I had to eat something to take the flavor out of my mouth!

Almost like when you eat really spicy pepper in an accident and you will do anything to get the taste out of your mouth. It's fun and it was definitely still alive.

But yes it is effective and when I have applied it on my child's thumb then first he starts crying. But again he tried to put a thumb in his mouth then he just took a pause and thought about the taste and because it was spicy.

But when he again tried to put the thumb in the mouth then he refuses because he remembers the taste.