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Techniques for Product Photography

Techniques for Product Photography

Photographing a product is done by using a simple background. This helps to eliminate distractions and focuses the eye on the product. Although product photography is fun, it is essential if you plan to sell products on eBay or your own website. Good product images can help you make your listings more attractive and increase sales.

A table placed against a wall can be used to create a space for product photography. Attach one end of a large piece of white card to the wall, and the other to the table. You want to make sure the card curves from the wall (vertical), to the table (horizontal), so there are no creases. This will provide a seamless background for product photography. If you want to get more information about Product Photography then you can visit at

Set up some flashes or lights to illuminate your product and background. Two lights can produce better photos than natural light. You have greater control over the lighting effects.

You can use small speed lights or full-size flash strobes to lighten your space. However, you need to be able control their power output. Light stands can be used to keep your lights in their place between shots. If you want to diffuse your lighting, it must be softened or there will be harsh shadows that can distract from the product.