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Tips To Buy Israeli Gas Mask

Tips To Buy Israeli Gas Mask

With the intensifying pollution globally, it has become quite challenging to choose the best anti-pollution mask. With so many options out there; it is tricky to select the best mask with the right level of scientific specifications and pollution Filters. 

There are many army surplus stores where you can find the best gas masks. To buy Israeli gas masks visit to

You can consider these points while buying gas masks:

  • Ratings

Check the mask ratings, N95, N99, N100, P95, P100. The ratings signify how much pollutants each of them can filter. For instance, an N95 mask would filter 95% of pollutants while an N99 mask will filter 99% of pollutants. A “P” rated mask signifies that it can also filter out oil-based pollutants.

  • Protection

Check whether the mask can protect you from viruses, bacteria, and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

  • Quality 

Quality matters a lot while choosing the mask for you. Look for good-quality fabric with strong nosebands that are adjustable. 

A non-adjustable mask can be painful if used for long. Look for a washable or reusable mask for use in the long run.