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What are the Perfect Stair Railings for Your Home?

What are the Perfect Stair Railings for Your Home?

The stair railings are essential architectural components for the safety and functionality of the home. They are also important for the overall interior design, ambiance, and appeal of the house. How do you know what kinds of railings are right for your home? This guide is designed to give you the answers.

What types of stair railings does your staircase require? In most cases, classic handrails are necessary. These go around the edge of the staircase that remains open. They are made to offer complete protection. One important thing to note is that the height of these components is usually subject to local building regulations.

Furthermore, wall stair railings are another option. These are used when the staircase is surrounded by walls on both sides. In general, they are not mandatory for home. However, this does not mean that they are not functional. Unlike the traditional handholds which require a frame and newel posts and balusters, these consist of one rail mounted on brackets, which are fixed to the wall.

What material is most suitable for stair railings? You can have railings made completely out of wood. You can choose newel post, baluster, and handrail components made from a suitable timber material. Just keep in mind that the colors of these woods may vary upon finishing.

The metal balusters and handrails are other options to consider. The iron and steel balusters in particular can come in all sorts of designs with complex curved embellishments. In general, a combination between wood posts and handrails and metal balusters can be very classy and attractive.