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What To Look For When Buying Army Surplus Tent

What To Look For When Buying Army Surplus Tent

With so many high-quality tents in the marketplace nowadays, where to begin when thinking about purchasing a tent? There are a couple of things to consider before choosing your tent.

If you want durable and high-quality tents for your different purposes then you can invest in army tents  that are available in online surplus stores. 


The concept behind the design of this tube is that they cut through the atmosphere and consequently represent higher stability. This is sometimes quite true on little tents, like the Force 10 Helium 100, which occupies the floor and is secure in very strong winds, but for large group tents, we guess that many tunnels utilize the design since it is the easiest way to accommodate large groups of individuals. 

In case you're planning to carry a tent during backpacking or bicycle touring, the burden of the tent will be very important. As a good rule of thumb, anything less than 1.5 kg per person ought to be light.

Lighter tents are more expensive, since the materials from which they are made are of greater quality to provide the exact same condition at a lighter weight, so you need to determine if you really need to go to get a super-lightweight tent. 

On the flip side, if you are engaging in a mountain marathon or are rather intense backpacking, shaving an additional 500 g from your total pack weight, when you get to the top of your fourth Munro of the day, they'll pay dividends.

Bear in mind that inside most tents taper to the bottom edge, so we would urge that anyone over 6 feet tall possibly avoid 205 cm, and anyone over 6 feet 4 inches will find 210 cm a little shorter. Only the longest campers should have an issue of 220 cm and above.