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Why Install New Windows?

Why Install New Windows?

There are a few reasons to replace your windows, but one of the most common is that they're subject to wear and tear. Old windows don't keep out the heat or cold as well as they used to, and wind and rain can cause them to leak. In addition, window replacement can improve your home's energy efficiency. Here are three other reasons to windows and doors replacement in Hamilton

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1. Security: New windows provide an improved level of security for your home. Old windows may not be able to keep out burglars or vandals, and broken windows can let in criminals and pests. New windows also help protect you from extreme weather conditions such as snow and ice. 

2. Aesthetic Improvements: Installing new windows can bring about a number of aesthetic improvements in your home, including a more open and airy look. Windows installed today are often significantly lighter than those installed 10 or 20 years ago, making them easier to operate and more comfortable to look at. 

3. Improved Energy Efficiency: Replacing old windows with new ones can result in increased energy efficiency in your home. Older windows typically don't seal as well as newer ones, allowing warm air to escape during the winter and cold air to enter during the summer. New windows often have improved seals that reduce these gaps, cutting down on unwanted heat and cold in your home. 

Older wood and glass windows are easily damaged or broken when someone tries to force their way into your home, but newer aluminum or fiberglass windows offer much more protection against intruders.