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2 Reasons 3D Modeling Software Is Important In Design

2 Reasons 3D Modeling Software Is Important In Design

With advances in design and 3D CAD software, prototypes can now easily come alive on a computer screen. Modern workflows have ushered in a new class of richly functional applications, which have redefined what can be designed in a given length of time. 

3D modeling has resolved many shortcomings associated with outdated processes and has increased functionality across design teams. Let’s explore at for the 3D product customizer.  There are a few ways in which 3D modeling and 3D CAD software have vastly improved the design process.


Cost Saving

3D Modeling is often the precursor to formal prototyping that included the production of physical prototypes a few long ago. Traditional 2D modeling isn't able to gain a real experience of a design's dimension. 

This requires designers to make prototypes after prototypes to capture any significant design changes. This results in a high cost of resources, which can be a lot of the costs when designing several products at the same time. In the end, businesses would prefer to store the raw materials they need for production. 

Easy to recognize flaws

The ability to manipulate the design easily and identify design flaws becomes more straightforward when designers are able to apply additional layers (and tests) to their designs. For instance, consider stress mapping. instance, where the color of the topography shows areas of concern. 

This is crucial for any product that is exposed to different stressors such as heat, pressure, and torsion. Modern designs are made up of a range of different geometries. intricate shapes are becoming the norm. The freedom of inspection lets designers look at every inch and crevice of their designs, making sure every flaw is identified and corrected for the next version.