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Bharatanatyam Costumes Make up And Ornaments

Bharatanatyam Costumes Make up And Ornaments

Bharatanatyam's costume is very beautiful and colorful. In the olden days, the dance was performed on special occasions, at king’s courts, and in the temples during the festival days. According to ancient texts and sculptures, the original costumes of the dance do not cover most of the dancer’s body.

There are several varieties of Bharatanatyam costumes, wear according to the theme of the dance and comfort for the dancer movements. The style of the costumes was the same. Nowadays the eminent dancers changed the wearing of the costumes of the dancers.

Bharatanatyam Costume Variety:

Generally, the costumes of Bharatanatyam have two types. They are Pyjama style and another skirt style. These two styles of dresses are artistic and comfortable for the dancer to perform the gestures according to the ‘Tala sounds’. The costumes of Bharatanatyam are prepared by stitching embroidery with different religious motifs and designs.

Although, in the olden day's people used the threads of Gold and Silk to stitch the costumes of Bharatanatyam. The pleats of the sari are stitched with zari work of beautiful designs and motifs. When the dancer performs the symbolic posture like Muzhu mandi, which is a sitting pose and a half sitting pose, the pleats of the sari open out beautifully and bring the look of the dance to enrich.

Bharatanatyam Costume For Women:

Bharatanatyam costumes for women resemble Indian traditional sari. But the sari is not a single piece; it is the combination of many varieties of cloth pieces. Hence, the dress is prepared to wear easily and to give performance comfortably.

While the dancer performed various movements, the fan was attracted very much to watch the dance. The color of the costumes is very bright and attractive. The border of the costumes is prepared with various pieces of sari and stitches with various patterns to decorate the dancer’s form.