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Diabetic foot care Treatment in Baltimore

Diabetic foot care Treatment in Baltimore

It is important to always pay attention to diabetic foot care, especially when walking. In order for our feet to withstand the mechanical stresses and loads of walking, jogging, or running, we need continuous protection with soft and elastic skin, good blood circulation, and the ability to recover quickly from injury, dry or worn skin.

The diabetic population tends to suffer from poor blood circulation, which slows wound healing. Untreated injuries and infections can usually develop into ulcers that heal slowly, in part because of a decreased resistance to infection.

You can consult the best podiatrist for diabetic foot treatment in Baltimore.

Act now: Improving outcomes in diabetes and foot care

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Here are some tips for the treatment, prevention, care, and protection of diabetic feet in tourism. These tips are intended for the general public and diabetics in particular.

-Washing your feet every day is important to prevent the buildup of dirt that can lead to infection.

-Remember to dry your feet completely – especially between your toes, which are prone to a build-up of bacterial and fungal infections.

-Prevent your feet from getting dry or cracked by using a lubricant. There are preparations of different concentrations: for dry skin; very dry and cracked skin.

-When walking, you should wear shoes that are flexible, soft, and airy to give your feet full support and to protect them from external injury or chafing.

-It is recommended to use cotton or special synthetic socks that prevent the natural absorption of sweat to prevent the development of moisture and fungus on the feet and shoes.

-Avoid tight socks that leave marks on the feet and can interfere with normal blood circulation.