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Exploring the Adventures of What Dubai Desert Safari Offers

Exploring the Adventures of What Dubai Desert Safari Offers

The desert of Dubai is a part of the perfect region where the ancient charm is beautifully preserved and completely impacted. In reality, the special section of the nation forms the most indispensable part of the Emirates’s amazing culture, heritage, and tradition states. There will not be any other way to absorb the infinite beauty and stillness than what we can attain with what Dubai Desert Safari offers.

Continue reading to know more about these off-beat adventures promising the most invigorating escape out of the urban congestion of modern Dubai!

Types of Desert Safaris

·         Morning Desert Safari

Who does not adore the sunrise? They are enchanting when it comes to the Middle East. It is one of the most refreshing methods of catching the compelling morning views of the desert in terms of getting a heavier dose of adventure and fun. Get on to a sunrise desert safari for a firsthand appearance at the light that scatters over the most expansive rolling dunes.

·         Evening Desert Safari

The evening desert safari mainly includes the same things as that of the mornings, the complete balance of the barbecue meals cooked with perfection and the cultural experiences such as the falconry shoes, hennas, and smoking of the sheesha as the traditional cultural shows of the Emirates. Surely, you will enjoy these all basking in the attractive desert atmosphere awash with the sun’s orange-pink golden hues that set.

·         Overnight Desert Safari

It is time that you immersed yourself in the majesty and the glory of the desert night of Dubai’s desert safari. You can participate in the entire desert-inspired activities that fill up your delicious meal while watching the traditional shows by enjoying the soulful stay under the canopy of the Arabian Desert sky. Entirely, the option will offer you a great chance to take the amazing views of the sun that sets and the rise of the desert,

Dinner in the Desert

This option is the best for you if you wish to experience the raw exquisiteness of the desert of Dubai while staying away from the nerve-wracking adventurous activities that are all included in the desert safari. It will allow you to not sink your teeth into this lavish barbecue dinner in the middle of the desert and participate in the massive number of activities recalling the age of Bedouin culture and tradition of the region.

Red Dune Safari

Do you wish to experience a variety of desert safari in Dubai? It is time to take red dune safaris that brings you to the greater depths of the desert along with the burnt red dunes of the region of Lahbab. They are filled with various distinctive natural beauties, and the entire atmosphere feels like an attractive painting that comes to life.

Dune Bashing

It is the most exciting part of this desert safari. You can easily drive over and through the unthreaded trails of the dunes aboard a potential 4X4 vehicle like the Land Cruiser and Hummer. You can feel a rush going down your spine as this drive blasts you across the golden sands at greater speeds. The session of dune bashing mainly lasts for about 45 minutes. Dune basking can be stomach-churning and anxiety-inducing; therefore, you can prepare yourself for this wild ride.

Camel Rides

Climb on the back of the camel and a journey over dunes as an alternative way to marveling at the desert wilderness. It is a shaky yet exciting ride that allows you to experience how the early settlers and the ancient Bedouins used to traverse the Arabian Desert.

Quad Biking and Sandboarding

You can select for hitting the isolated dunes in the easy-to-maneuver quad bike that is even ideal for the first-timers and the beginners if you are searching for more rip-roaring ways to discover the desert sands of Dubai. To make sure that you are over 16 years old, you should not be suffering from any kind of ailment barring you from trying out these rugged activities.

Cultural Experiences

There is a wealth of cultural experiences awaiting you at the camp on almost every desert safari. The list is quite interesting and vast, offering a glimpse into the long Bedouin past ranging from the Henna tattooing and shisha smoking to the photographs in traditional Arabian attire and falconry.

Traditional Barbecue Dinner

Prepare for a feast on almost every overnight and evening desert safari. But several things are included under the dinner menu depending on the quality of your service provider, and it is sure to fill you up with whatever you have ordered.

It is time that you plan out the Dubai desert safari offers and get into the scenic journey into the Arabian Desert, guaranteeing you an escape far from the ordinary and packed with the fun-filled moments turning into treasured memories. Never leave this quintessential Dubai activity off your list, as it is surely one of your favorite activities!