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Exterior Window Shutters in Brighton

Exterior Window Shutters in Brighton

Exterior window shutters are the most popular and common blinds in the form of wood. And if you want to buy wooden shutters, the best type of wood is cedar. Why cedar shutters? Because this is the most durable type and has the greatest ability to resist the decaying process.

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Cedar will also give you long-term use without major repairs or maintenance. What makes this type of wood perfect for shutter? The tannin oil contained in cedarwood is an important component that prevents moisture from penetrating the wood. Similarly, this type of oil is despised by most insects, so they avoid anything in their possession.

However, this does not mean that if the outdoor blinds are of excellent quality, protection is not required. Indeed, they need to be protected with proper processing before installation. Be sure to completely cover all parts of the shutters before installing and placing them on your windows.

The best base to use for your window treatment is a special oil-based primer. Essential oils work by penetrating the wood. It definitely offers better protection. If you want to paint and polish by yourself, it is best to have advice from a paint company. Otherwise, you can always use the professional services of a painter to ensure the excellent performance of your curtains.