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How To Install Insulated PEX Pipe

How To Install Insulated PEX Pipe

Although installing an Insulated PEX pipe is not difficult, you must understand the exact method and tools that will be utilized to complete the work. One of the benefits of Insulated PEX is its flexibility, which is complemented by its lightweight. You can look for the best insulated pex pipe via

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Since it is already insulated, additional insulation is not required because PEX is corrosion and rust-resistant. The pre-Insulated pipe further helps in keeping the hot water heated for a very long time due to less loss of energy to the surrounding environment.

To begin with, mark the route of the pipe with chalk. Then place the pipe and mark locations for drilling holes. In case you are installing pipe in-ground and the temperature is sub-zero for a long, then use timber for frost-prevention of pipes.

The next step is to drill holes at places where you marked. Connect the pipe and then play them on the floor to double-check if they are securely and tightly connected or not.

Fix a PEX threaded fitting at one end of the pipe with a crimping ring properly and tightly. Do the crimping as and where required and then proceed to supply valve connection at the crimped end. Now use a mallet to seat the vale properly and then use a wrench to tighten it. 

Without over-tightening any valve, repeat the process till every valve is secure.