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Why Bolt Handles Are Needed?

Bolt handles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all serve the same purpose to provide a way to operate the bolt of a firearm. Most bolt handles are attached to the rear of the bolt body and protrude to the side, making them easy to reach and operate.

The handle is usually held in place by a spring-loaded detent or set screw, and when not in use, it rests flush with the bolt body. To chamber a round, the shooter first pushes down on the bolt handle to release it from its resting position. If you want additional info about bolt handles guns, you can search via online sources.

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Then, he or she pulls back on the handle, which draws the bolt rearward. This action opens the breach, allowing a round to be inserted into the chamber. On some firearms, bolt handles are placed forward of the action, which makes them more inconvenient to use than they should be. This situation is more common in double-action revolvers.

The handle should be straight and not nearly as wide near the pistol grip or trigger guard. Both ends of the handle should terminate at a point that is not likely to catch on clothing or ammunition pouches while being carried or while shooting.

Bolt handles are an essential part of any firearm, providing shooters with a quick and easy way to chamber rounds. So next time you go shooting, whether you're hunting for dear or just practicing at the range, remember to use a bolt handle.