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Basics of EBR: What Are Electronic Batch Records?

Software applications store and manage data electronically for each batch produced in addition to the entire manufacturing process on a step-by-step basis.

EBR software typically relies on another system such as a manufacturing execution system or enterprise resource planning system to systematically generate a formal master batch record or EBR. This master record stores all the materials, processes, and activities that were required for the production of a given product.

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Electronic batch records provide the structure and means for automatically compiling batch production data into a formatted electronic document, reducing paper and manual records for more accurate record-keeping.

Data is recorded and stored in encrypted form, guaranteeing data privacy and security.

A ground-breaking Electronic Batch Record system built fully on modern web technology and designed specifically to meet requirements for GxP regulated production: pharma, biotech, cell & gene, medical device (eDHR), healthcare, supplements, herbal medicines, cannabis-derived products, as well as various foods, beverages, and cosmetics. 

BatchLine entirely digitizes production. From creating processes, recipes, master batch records (MBR’s), and product specifications to guiding operators engagingly through executing the process with digital work instructions, device integrations via IoT, quality review and approval of the batch electronically (review by exception), and batch record reporting and retention.   

We took the EBR concept traditionally found in large MES software and re-engineered it into a modern, simple to use, and low-cost web app. Suitable for any size organization, and accessible on any device with an internet connection via our managed cloud or installed on your own infrastructure.