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The Role Behind An Education Recruitment Agency In Jakarta

A recruitment agency is a company that acts as an intermediary between the qualified job seeker and the employer. The recruitment agency is tasked to look for the best experienced and skilled person to fill the vacancy. To know about the recruitment agency visit

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How Does the Recruitment Agency Work?

When a position falls vacant, an organization sends the job description to the recruitment agency. The agency then shortlists applicants from their CV database.

The agency sends the organization the list which gets scaled down further. The organization then mandates the agency to carry out an interview. The best candidates are selected for the position. Here is a discussion on the role behind an education recruitment agency;

The Benefits of Recruitment Agency

Recruitment agencies are very important tools when searching for a job. The agencies have lots of information about the employers hence can offer very vital information before an interview takes place.

The experienced recruitment agencies will prepare the applicant for a meeting with the employing organization giving basic and vital information about the organization's culture and history and giving some basic tips.

The agency has an upper hand to help negotiate in the early stages, they can also act as easy pass when the applicant advances to the next stage of the interview.

The education recruitment agency knows their job well, they get first-hand information about jobs not advertised anywhere on the Internet.

What are the Recruitment Agency Responsibilities?

The recruiting agency job description is wide; here are some of the agency responsibilities;


Negotiating contracts

Drawing up the employee shortlist

Interview organization and selection

Vacancy advertisement

Headhunter Firms In The Present Market In Indonesia

Executive employment is a significant endeavor and that's the reason responsible businesses rely on headhunter companies for the induction of acceptable candidates.

It's not the job of a normal employment agency that arranges applicants via an advertisement or otherwise. To know about headhunter Indonesia visit

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It requires quite efficient staffing and thorough data-bank to provide perfect candidates for technical degree jobs, which are implemented by credible headhunter companies that serve large businesses to get the ideal marketing executive.

You need to be able to distinguish between the skilled headhunting organization and the frequent recruiting agency. It's more so required to acquire efficient individuals for senior executive posts for your company to get the best to propel for the perfect posts.

Candidates who wish to obtain higher positions should also have the ability to distinguish the amount of both of these kinds of organizations and consequently, job seekers will need to make approaches.

The market is full of various kinds of recruiters and big businesses that wish to appoint qualified applicants for higher-level jobs should benefit from reputable headhunting companies in creating justice to the corporation.

It's not expected from the frequent recruiting agencies to supply highly qualified applicants to big businesses. The principal field they operate is by supplying temporary employees in both proficient and petty office tasks.

These job seekers are put in the bureau citizenship and the payment is carried out by the agency. Sometimes, the client businesses make the payment to individual candidates and a certain percentage of the money is paid to the bureau as commission.