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Partner Visa Perth

Going To A Permanent Visa From A Partner Visa Perth Resident Benefits

If you successfully apply for a temporary partner visa, you and your partner can start a new chapter in your life in Australia. However, if you want to live here permanently, you can eventually apply for a permanent spouse visa. Being a permanent Australian citizen has many advantages for people wishing to live here. Let's take a closer look at some of the benefits.

Real Permanent Visa.

If you are a permanent resident of Australia you are eligible for a permanent spouse visa. This gives you the right to live in Australia for five years. You have unlimited travel to and from the country, which is refreshing for those who are more used to travel restrictions. Initially, permanent visas were issued for a period of five years. You will then have to register again. The application process can be done outside Australia or while you are in the country.

COVID-19 Effect: Crucial Updates On Australian Partner Visa Processing Time

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Work Permit:

All permanent residents are granted a work permit which enables them to work for all employers and professions appropriate to their education and profile. As a resident, you are entitled to all of the legal protections and benefits offered to Australian citizens. You can join a union and if you are injured at work you can get compensation for workers.


Obtaining a permanent residence visa allows the holder to continue their education. Various options for university education are possible, including access to education loans. This can be very useful for managing your finances within a budget, and for dealing with any additional course and training costs that may be required.