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root canal procedure

Root Canal Procedure At Dental Clinics

The space in the enamel from the main center (pulp chamber) to the length of the root is called the root canal. Each of these teeth has one to four root canals, which change depending upon the specific tooth. 

The procedure of Root Canal

Typically, your dentist may schedule multiple visits to complete the procedure for root canal treatment. To get more information about the root canal procedure visit

 root canal procedure,

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If the dentist finds an abscess or an infection in the tooth, antibiotics are often prescribed, and just after the infection is stemmed the root canal procedure can start. 

The other steps that are generally followed in a root canal procedure are:

• A dental x-ray is taken of the tooth and the entire tooth is visible and can be used as a benchmark.

• Following the enamel gets numb, a rubber dam is placed over your mouth. This shield is made from 

• The dentist may use unique chemicals to disinfect the tooth from both inside and outside. The installed latex dam will be certain that the substances don't get in your mouth.

• A small hole is drilled in the pulp chamber and using tiny files, the nerves and infected tissue is removed. Some of the tools are used by hand whereas others are used using the rotary instrument.

• After the whole tooth was cleaned, it's dried and a filling of rubberized material is set in to seal the tooth.