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How to Create a Whiteboard Animation Video

How to Create a Whiteboard Animation Video

You must have heard a lot about the power of the whiteboard video. This is an extraordinary way to educate your potential audience about complicated concepts and sell them an idea. A study shows that you can increase your landing page's conversion rate by a whopping 80% if you embed a video on it.

Some of you have to also find the idea of creating a whiteboard animation video. If it were that simple, all businesses would have achieved great success.

1. Add a compelling story

Before making an animation or inserting fancy characters, you must think about the story. The story is like the heart of your video. You can get away with a mediocre quality video, but no one will stick to your clip if you have a messed-up story. Every explainer video script must have a hook, story, and call to action.

If you are not an expert copywriter, you may want to consult with a copywriter or learn the art on your own. After you complete writing the script, distribute it to your team, read it loud, and make possible improvements in it.

2. Do not try to deviate from a classic whiteboard style

The technology and taste of the people have evolved a lot. However, the reason for the whiteboard animation video's effectiveness is still the same, and, i.e., a classic style of a whiteboard video.

The traditional style of whiteboard video always have three things:

  • The white background
  • The drawing hand
  • The continuous drawing

You can use modern fancy technologies and add whiteboard animation after effects to make your whiteboard animation video more entertaining, but you should not deviate from the classic whiteboard style.